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PET: Sustainable Packaging Material

May 16 2017

  petpower1 PET protects beverages and prevents wastage It is estimated that almost half of all food is wasted worldwide. One of the biggest factors that can combat beverage waste is the fact that PET bottles can be resealed. This means consumers can enjoy their drink throughout the day rather than having to consume it in one go or throw it out, as is often the case with glass and can packaging. PET saves resource Since the introduction of PET over 40 years ago, the weight of standard PET bottles has decreased substantially. This has enabled manufacturers to cut down on both the energy used in production, as well as the resources needed. Furthermore, modern PET bottles are designed to stand up to the rigours of transport by being robust and shatterproof. PET reduces carbon footprint Lifecycle studies of PET's energy use and greenhouse emissions have consistently shown that PET offers an outstanding Eco profile. Two different lifecycle studies conducted in 2009 of glass, can and PET single-serving soft drink containers looked at all the energy consumed and waste produced at each stage of the material's life cycle. The report found that carbonated soft drinks bottled in PET used less energy, created fewer greenhouse gas emissions and generated less solid waste than drinks in glass bottles or aluminum cans. PET is fully recyclable Today PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world. All parts of it can be recycled and turned into new items - from new bottles to fleece textiles, fibers, carpeting, thermoformed PET packaging or even football kits.