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Packaging Tips: Dressing Up Your Product with Salbro

September 15 2016

What should you be considering when deciding how to package your product?


First, make sure you choose a packaging material and a shape that works well with your company's product. Also, know your audience; your packaging design should be chosen with your target market in mind.

Now here are some quick tips on packaging to get you started:

1. Let your product do the talking (when possible)

Consider displaying items with attractive colors (like juice, sauce, salad dressing, shampoo or soap) in clear glass or plastic bottles. Transparent bottles allow consumers to see your product which can increase their likelihood to purchase it.


Of course, some products should be packaged in opaque packaging and Salbro has several options available. You can also get creative with bottle decoration, color and closure options that work well with your brand.

2. Think outside the bottle

Be innovative - you can try nontraditional bottle shapes for your product. Salbro's warehouse is full of popular bottle sizes and shapes and our designs are not restricted to specific industries. Feel free to explore our large variety of bottle options!


3.  Boldly go where no bottle has gone before

You might have an idea for a design you have never seen before or you may be considering a bottle concept that is unique to your brand in terms of shape. Salbro's in house design team can create something just for you.


What to do now?

Now that you are armed with tips on how to choose the right packaging option, head to The Bottle Shop. You can use the narrow results tool to help you find the concept that you have in mind. Achieve your packaging goals with Salbro Bottle - our priority is your success!

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