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Art and Science

January 6 2017

Packaging is an art and a science


test tubes art

Does it catch your consumer's eye?

Packaging should be visually appealing to draw the consumer to it. Colour, shape and size can all help your product to stand out among competitors. Some brands even opt for custom designs which help consumers to identify their product right away.

Would your consumer use it?

There is also a functional aspect to packaging design. Bottles should be convenient and allow for accessible product use. Caps and closures also enhance the functionality of the bottle. For example, some pharmaceutical packaging may include child-resistant caps while some food and beverage packaging may include tamper-evident closures. These functional aspects of packaging ensure that the products are used correctly. There are various functional and aesthetic benefits of packaging material. Some products look better in glass bottles while others are simply expected to be packaged in plastic. For example plastic packaging is lightweight which means it is convenient to use and transport. HDPE bottles can also have built in handles which can ease pouring. Plastic bottles can also come in unique shapes, colours and sizes. Glass bottles give a premium look to products while the clear packaging lets the product shine.

Ultimately, your choice of packaging material should be consistent with your brand strategy

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