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You Can Leave Your Cap On

August 29 2016

Caps on or off?

Head to The Bottle Shop; if you click on the image of a bottle to see more details you can see that Salbro takes care of matching your bottle choice to the compatible caps, closures and accessories. This process makes shopping more convenient for you. It's a match Guess what? Now these compatible caps and your recyclable plastic bottles don't have to be separated. You may be used to hearing "remove caps before recycling" and that was because until recently, the plastics recycling industry could not effectively recycle bottles with caps still on. But now more and more North American recycling programs are collecting bottle caps as well. When recycling is more convenient for consumers it increases participation. In addition, the plastic from bottle caps can be recycled to make new items. Remember, plastic cap recycling mostly applies to plastic bottle caps. Metal caps for glass bottles should still be taken off the bottles prior to recycling. Make sure to check with your local recycling program regarding leaving caps on or taking them off as changes at a local level may take time. Read more regarding keeping caps on while recycling by consulting resources from the APR (The Association of Plastic Recyclers): FAQ. DISPOSICION DEL PET_1