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The sky’s the limit with direct digital print for closures

August 24 2016

Add Some Color To Your Life!

caps Your packaging can be used as a powerful branding tool and now your caps can also be part of the plan. CMKY Digital Process Print technology allows for limitless color options to be printed directly on white and natural closures. Hi-resolution print for your closure decoration will take your packaging to the next level. Successful brands have skillfully used mass customization as a marketing tool. With the CMKY digital model you can also consider one of a kind individual closures or a series of personalized closures. Adding photo realistic art to your caps is also a possibility. Read more Salbro is your one-stop solutions company. We can provide you with any type of cap or closure that you need including new and innovative closures options . Our strong relationships with our suppliers allow us to give you access to everything you need to cap or close your bottles; you just need to let us know what you would like. So dream big when it comes to closure options and decoration because if it's out there, you can count on Salbro to source it for you!  

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