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Thanks for the memories!

December 30 2016

It's been a good year and we could probably fill quite a few bottles with all our wonderful 2016 memories!

 jar gif

The end of 2016 is a good time to reflect on this year while planning for the year ahead. Why not end the year on a creative note? Craft your way into 2017 with these fun projects. Have a fun trip down memory lane, make a 2016 memory jar: print out some pictures or write down some highlights from the past year; fold them up and put them in a jar. Plan to open it up 5 or 10 years from now so you can look back on the memories (kids may want to open it up sooner so maybe you can open this jar up December 31st 2017). Plan to smile this year, make a happy jar: decorate a jar in your style with stickers, ribbons or old pictures. Have each kid make their own or make a family happy jar for all of you. Keep the jar empty until January 1st 2017. Commit to filling it everyday with a compliment you received, a positive thought, a funny story or moment, a quick note of a good day, etc. Write the date on each piece of paper and then open it up at the end of this coming year. The happy jar is just as fun to decorate as it is to complete. Track your progress, make a reward jar: resolutions might be hard to keep so give yourself a reason to stay motivated. Keep a jar full of relaxing "rewards" that are written down on notes. You know yourself the best so be sure to include rewards you would actually want examples include: "one 30 minute nap", "one coffee with a friend", "one relaxing night to watch a movie", "one bubble bath", etc. Each time you reach a milestone with your resolution write down the milestone, drop it in the jar and trade it in for a reward. Keep going until you've completed all the rewards and soon you'll turn your resolutions into good habits.

Cheers to the new year we look forward to working with you in 2017!