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Ring Around the Bottle: Tamper Evident Closures

September 16 2016

Ever opened a plastic bottle and noticed that the cap separated leaving a ring around the bottle's neck?

The ring that is left behind is the tamper evident band.

Dropper-caps-1024x1024 (1)

The neck of a bottle that uses a tamper evident closure has been designed specifically for this type of cap. When a tamper evident closure is opened, the band will break away from the cap and will remain on the neck of the bottle.

Tamper evident closures are designed with product safety in mind. They can visibly show if a product has been interfered with after the manufacturing process. If the seal between the band and the cap appears to be broken then it is clear that there has been an attempt to open the bottle. If the seal is broken the product should not be purchased.

Plastic bottles of pop, juice or water are common examples of products that use tamper evident closures. These closures are often used for food & beverage products, pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical products and other products that require safety precautions to ensure the integrity of the product is intact and safe for consumption.

water bottles

 Salbro Bottle takes care of all aspects of your product's packaging process.  Our strong relationship with suppliers allows us to provide you with a variety of closure options. You can find tamper evident closures that are compatible with our bottles here.

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