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Pump up the Party

December 2 2016

Cosmetic and personal care items are often dispensed through pump closures. Lotion pumps are convenient for consumers because they help to dispense a controlled amount of product. Pumping product from a lotion pump can also be quicker than having to unscrew a bottle to access it. In addition, these closures can also be used by pumping out the liquid or lotion with one hand (instead of having to use two hands to unscrew a bottle).


We naturally imagine some products in foam form like shaving cream or hair conditioning mousse and the process of dispensing a foam product is actually quite interesting. Foamer pumps pump out the liquid inside a bottle in a foam form. The foam is created in the pump's foam chamber. The foamer pump can be used for several products such as hand washing soap, hand sanitizer or facial cleanser.                Find lotion pumps, foamer pumps and more at The Bottle Shop.

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