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Is Your Product Packaged for Success?

June 2 2015

Is Your Product Packaged for Success?   Each year, packaged goods manufacturers introduce over 50,000 new products into the Canadian and U.S. markets. According to leading market research firms, about three quarters of those products will fail within two years of introduction. Mistakes in packaging are a critical factor in their demise.   So how do you package your product for success?  

  1. Choose the Right Material  Packaging fulfils a functional role, containing and protecting your product, both in-store and in the consumer’s home. Test your product with several potential packaging materials to find the right one. Then make sure that its recyclability and reusability is in line with your sustainability goals.
  2. Make it Eye-Catching  A distinctive, eye-catching appearance attracts consumers, particularly younger ones. Special packaging makes a special impression and, if it’s done right, consumers will willingly pay the premium for it.
  3. Pay Attention to Functionality  Ensure that your packaging choice provides product and aroma protection; is easy to handle and has a closure mechanism that’s easy to use; and is environmental responsible. These variables are just as important as an eye-catching design.
  4. Be Innovative  Doing something different can give new life to an old product, revive a dormant brand and boost sales for established brands.