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Holiday Recycle Plan

December 9 2016

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means - more parties, more eating and more time spent with family and friends!

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The holidays can be a wonderful time to check in on your recycling habits. You'll be seeing a lot of lightweight plastic bottles at parties since they are so convenient to carry. Expect to see more plastic pop bottles, liquor bottles (glass and plastic), glass wine bottles etc. With all the holiday eating and baking you may also be using more plastic and glass food containers like salad dressing bottles, sauce bottles, salsa jars, peanut butter jars, honey bottles, etc. It's important to note that PET plastic (commonly used for food containers and beverage bottles), HDPE plastic (commonly used for milk and jugs) and glass are all recyclable.

If you are hosting a big holiday party it can be tempting to just put out a large trash bag and have guests throw all their trash in it as the night goes on; but realistically, you aren't going to sort through that trash at the end of the night so make sure there is a convenient spot to dispose of recyclables. One good idea is to move a recycling bin into your kitchen just for that night so that guests can easily access it.

Enjoy the holidays but make sure your bottles are getting properly recycled once you finish with them.

Here are some quick holiday recycling tips to keep in mind:

  1. Be a clean machine: Be aware of what goes where - don't mix trash with recyclables.
  2. Be a holiday hero: If you can't find a recycling bin while away from your house, if possible temporarily store your empty bottles in a backpack or in your car and recycle them once you get home.
  3. Be a household explorer: You may have more guests staying over during the holidays which may result in the use of more soap bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles and more; that being said, be sure to check all areas of your house for recyclables (look out for plastic bottles in the bathroom and laundry room too, don't just focus on the kitchen).

Since you'll be spending time with family, the holiday season may also be a great opportunity to talk to the kids about their recycling habits. Teach them the importance of recycling and reusing by creating fun holiday crafts using reused plastic or glass bottles - try making some festive decorations from recycled materials. There are tons of holiday crafts out there so be creative and have fun!

Even with the snow, let's be green this holiday season! Be sure to commit to your good recycling habits so that they carry on into 2017!