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Fresh start

December 16 2016

During holiday time it's easy to lose track of all the rich food you're eating - a cookie here, a cookie there and soon you're thinking of your new year's resolution. It can be difficult sometimes to keep your resolutions; in fact most people will abandon their goals within the first month. So how about making simple but effective resolutions this year? We're heading towards the end of 2016 so let's focus on some tips for a better 2017.

Bottle up the bad eating habits: This year, if you're looking to eat healthier, how about cutting back on how many times you eat out and instead try bringing a lunch to work with you?

To make sure you actually follow through with this goal try packing a meal in a jar - it's like a grown-up lunch box! Pick healthy, colorful and attractive salads, soups and snacks that will have your co-workers wishing they had one too. You can make a few to keep in the fridge for a simple grab and go lunch that also helps to recycle the cute jars in your house.


Blue Bin Games: If you're hoping to recycle more while setting a good example for your kids, why not try making recycling a little bit more fun? Spend time explaining to the kids about the importance of being environmentally friendly you can even tell older kids about the different types of plastic. Use fun crafts that reuse jars or plastic bottles as a great way to start the conversation. You can even make recycling day a game by getting the kids to race to see who can get their bin out first - prizes go to the bin with correctly sorted items (no trash).


Plastic Perception: Speaking of recycling, why not make 2017 a year where you focus more on sustainable packaging? Remember there's more to a product's life cycle after you - that juice bottle you finished drinking is going to end up somewhere. Take notice of the products you buy and their packaging. Products packaged in Salbro's glass and plastic bottles can be recycled after use.

Also, be aware of what goes where - check out your local recycling program to make sure you aren't throwing recyclables into the trash.

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Set out a clear plan to make sure you actually follow through with your goals for 2017. This may not be something you want to leave for the last 10 seconds of 2016 (don't start making your resolutions during the countdown!) Take time now to start planning and thinking so that the new year doesn't start before you're ready.