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And all that glass!

September 2 2016

We were very excited about our recent glass expansion - The ring neck sauce bottles are the newest members of the glass bottle family. These classic clear bottles are perfect for BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, hot sauce and more.

i love fries

Doesn't this clear glass tomato sauce packaging make you want to dip your fries right into the bottle?

Why choose glass?

  • Glass is recyclable
  • Clear bottles display your product
  • With glass packaging what you see is what you get
  • Strong packaging material = premium image
Glass is 100% recyclable. The bottles can be recycled into new bottles as well as other products. Not only is glass a sustainable packaging option, glass bottles also give your product an eye-catching image. Glass bottles are clear which means you can easily display your product. Clear bottles let your visually pleasing product attract consumers and the transparent packaging also shows them that this is a product that they can trust. Glass is also a strong material which gives your product a premium look.

Salbro has a whole product line of glass bottles:

You'll be sure to find the right glass packaging option here!

red wine dressing

Use our woozy glass bottles for salad dressings, vinegar, syrups, extracts (vanilla, almond) and more!

jams and jellies

Glass jars have such a beautiful look. We have classic round jars and unique shapes as well. Salbro's hexagon jar will add an attractive design element to your packaging. Candies, jams, jellies, fruit purees, spreads, pickled vegetables - fill your jars with endless possibilities!

apple cider

Autumn is a great time for apple cider. Our glass juice jars will make apple cider and any other colorful juice or drink pop on the shelf.

Put your product on display in a clear glass bottle!

You'll find amber bottles, glass cylinders and even wine bottles at Salbro. Check out our glass products.  

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